Cocktail Table Lamp - Chargeable LED

Cocktail Table Lamp is a fantastic product to bring light to dark areas inside and out without the need for cables or sockets. This beautiful lamp can be charged by USB (cable provided) and just place it wherever you need light. Choose from ambient lighting to a more brighter light simply by placing your finger on the power button and holding it there until it reaches desired brightness. 

Available in White or Bronze

Material: Metal 

Dimensions: 29.5 x 12 x 10 cm

Light source: 2.2W LED * Luminous flux: 192 lumens 9H * Color temperature: 3000K warm light * DC3.7V 2x2200 mAh battery with 5 to 7 hours of battery life included 

Charging cable

Touch dimmer

Degree of protection: IP54 (protected from dust and water droplets from all directions)

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