Cypress Shade Mild Body Soap - Travel

Les Panacées Mild Body beautifully scented in Cypress Shade Scent

Made in France, vegan, fragrances of Grasse, french organic essential oils. 

Les Panacées soft soaps will gently wash all skin types by creating a delicate and fragrant foam. The saponified base of olive and coconut vegetable oils is made hot, this then allows to cold add our organic essential oils, French sunflower vegetable oil and vegetable glycerin to gently wash and bring suppleness to your skin.

They have a PH of 7.5 and contain 96% ingredients of natural origin.

The mild soap from the Shadow of Cypress range creates a creamy foam that is both fresh and oaky by massaging your skin. Your skin is toned and regulated by the properties of organic cypress essential oil.

Travel Size -25g This format allows you to test the experience of a solid product during your travels. It guarantees 20-25 uses on average - take anywhere with you in its cork travel case.
Made in France

Plastic Free Packaging

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