Izipizi Sleeping Glasses #D

SLEEPING glasses feature Cat. 1 GoodNight© lenses that block artificial light and jumpstart natural melatonin production.

Equipped with spring hinges, the arms are flexible and comfy, designed to work perfectly whatever your face shape and size.

How to use
For restful, restorative sleep that leaves you refreshed and replenished, we recommend wearing your SLEEPING glasses for two hours before bed over 15 days. Expect to see the difference as from the fifth day: dozing off faster, and enjoying better quality sleep.

Bio-sourced frames
And because protecting your eyes shouldn’t cost the planet, SLEEPING glasses are made from a bio-sourced material with a 45% castor oil content.

"We are ever looking out for innovative ways to improve eyecare, conducive to self-care in general. So we joined forces with an optometry researcher to develop a pioneering solution for peaceful nights that help you get the most out of your day: SLEEPING glasses." Izipizi 
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