Kids Eco Jewellery Making Kit

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A unique beading kit consisting of a mix of acai and tagua seeds in different colours, just let the child add their own imagination!

This necklace and bracelet kit comes with two sweet little stars (carved from the tagua fruit) to make them extra special, it comes in a tin, perfect for storing trinkets or jewellery once the kits are complete.

Each kit contains the materials to make 1 bracelets and 1 necklace with seeds to spare.

The Eco-Jewellery Making Kit includes: -Elastic Cord -50 grams of assorted acai and tagua seeds -2x tagua carved stars

Made in United Kingdom

Each and every kit is unique as they are made from natural seeds from acai and tagua, which is handpicked. No two kits are the same - the pictures are to give you a good idea of what the seeds look like.