Modern Botany Natural Deodorant

100% Natural Paraben and Aluminium-Free Deodorant / Anti-Perspirant.


100% unisex natural Modern Botany Deodorant is a paraben and aluminium-free deodorant, antiperspirant and can also be used as a scent, or body mist. Modern Botany deodorant is a first of type in being one of the first premium and high quality 100% natural deodorant and antiperspirant which is long lasting and keeps you smelling great. It contains over 12 natural medicinal-grade ingredients which act effective deodorisers and antiperspirants. As a synergy these work together produce antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial activity. With regards the antiperspirant, we use Witch Hazel, which is rich in Tannins (think red wine in the mouth, dries out your mouth) the active tannin is Hamamelitannin and it works by drying out under the arm, and also the Witch Hazel, working as a solvent and astringent which reduces the sizes of pores, and hence reduces sweat output without blocking the pores as is the case with conventional Deodorants

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