Modern Botany Oil

100% natural Multi-tasking product for body, face and hair use , highly absorbent and non-greasy.


MODERN BOTANY Multi-tasking Oil: Multi-tasking product that is designed for all over body, face and hair use and is a 100% natural moisturising oil that is highly absorbent and non-greasy and dries matte so makeup can be applied. Unisex natural bathroom staple for all the family designed for all sensitive skin types due to its healing and lenitive plant-based medicinal ingredients. Certified Cruelty-free International product that is also fully Vegan and Vegetarian certified. MODERN BOTANY Multi-tasking Oil: is a 100% natural and unisex, multi-tasking essential that can be used for moisturising & cleansing the face & body, stretch marks, scarring, hair and nails. It is hypoallergenic, non-greasy and great for sensitive skin of all ages. The ingredient includes extracts from ‘safe’ herbs such as: • Chamomile, for soothing, • Arnica – for bruising, and damaged skin • Calendula a known anti-inflammatory • Frankincense – for wound healing. It has been carefully formulated by Dr Simon Jackson (Natural Product Scientist

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