Nature and Me

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Children are used to hearing about how important it is to protect nature, but they may not fully understand how the natural world can positively impact their emotional wellbeing. With that in mind, this book looks to show children how nature can be fun, uplifting, consoling and even offer companionship.

This is a book about how nature can touch us all and help us with our lives (especially when we might be feeling bored, sad or lonely). Children learn about the ways in which they can be comforted, inspired and uplifted by examples of nature such as:

– a flowing river

– a cow in a field

– clouds in the sky

– rabbits in their burrows

– stars at night

–  a cuddle with a favourite puppy

This is an inspirational book, not just educating children about the natural world, but teaching them to love and connect with it. Beautiful illustrations and a tone that is encouraging, warm and accessible makes it easy for children, and their favourite adults, to relate to.

Hardback book with 35 coloured illustrations | 72pp | 260 x 230mm  | Ideal for Ages 8+