Normal Hair Banana Shampoo Bar

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Whole Banana with Jojoba Oil


Made from a base of fresh nutrient rich banana fruit (Fair Traded and organic), blended with hydrating butters and jojoba seed oil. This nourishing mix helps:

 strengthen roots (potassium strengthens and helps maintain healthy follicles)
 soften hair and protect elasticity (proteins help repair hair, add thickness & bounce; protein deficiency can cause hair to thin).
• heal dry scalp (vitamin A hydrates scalp by restoring lost moisture which helps repair & improve growth)

Lather through the hands or directly onto wet hair & roots. Leave on for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly. For those unfamiliar with natural (non-detergent) shampoos, here are some pointers:

 Time: Depending on hair type, it may feel unusual at first, but give it a few weeks to reveal nourishing and strengthening benefits.
 Vinegar: If needed, you can also follow with raw apple cider vinegar to balance hair/scalp ph, detangle and treat itchiness. Simply mix one part of vinegar to 4 parts water in a cup and pour over hair from roots to end, leave on for few mins, then wash out excess.
 Diet: Try to include similar vitamin complex in your diet for maximal effectiveness.