Olive Oil Soap, Uashmama

Handmade soap cold worked with the traditional 'Marseille' method.

It leaves the skin soft and hydrated and is ideal for the daily and delicate cleaning of the face and body fro an early age.

Contains Italian organic extra virgin olive oil from marked anti-radical and antioxidant characteristics, which makes the skin perfectly hydrated and velvety and thanks to its properties soothing is excellent for sensitive skin and can also be used as a make-up remover or shaving soap.

It is enriched with lavender essential organic oil, a wonderfully fresh fragrance, which provides the skin with gentle care and cleansing.

Product made only with olive oil without animal fats. Handmade in Tuscany.

HOW TO USE: Massage the soap on wet skin and rinse throughly with water.

**Tip: After use, place the soap in a soap dish so that it dries well. **

Notes: Store in a cold and dry place.

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