Renewal Concentrate Lotion Melt

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The Renewal Concentrate is a solid, waterless lotion, made entirely from a mix of 8 raw butters and 3 essential oils. Massaged on the skin, it softly melts in to hydrate whilst releasing a surge of vitamins & antioxidants to repairfirm and protect your skin.

Because it's not diluted in water (like conventional lotions) it works to deliver effective results, fast.

The sweet citrusy aroma of mandarin, neroli and Himalayan lavender oils is really delightful. These plants also contain specific compounds that boost skin cell repair.

Combine with: a healthy diet, lots of clean water and a good amount of sleep!

Totally organic, vegan & cruelty-free, palm-free & handmade in England


Massage onto clean, dry skin until butter begins to melt, then use hands to spread and moisturise.

Perfect after shower or wash when body is dried, clean and warm.

Store in wrapper in cool, dry place. Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid melting. If bar melts, refrigerate or keep in cool place until it hardens